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About Willamette Burger Company

Here at Willamette Burger, we believe in food in its purest form – that means you will never find anything on our menu that is processed or full of additives. We cook with fresh, local products, serve beer and wine manufactured only in the Northwest and firmly believe that the ‘little guy’ CAN do it just as well (if not better) than those other guys. We want to get back to what the burger used to be: fresh, simple and delicious.

The Old MacDonald

Thank you!

Thank you to ALL our devoted fans and friends that voted us BEST NEW RESTAURANT in the 2010 Statesman Journal’s “Best of” poll and getting us second place for Best Burger! We are so honored that all of our hard work has been recognized.

Hand-rolled tater tots

And in 2011 – BEST BURGER according to the Statesman Journal “Best of” poll. Again – we thank you all for your support!

Many of you know we planned to close at the end of September, 2011 due to the poor conditions of the building we were renting… but a regular customer and his family made it very difficult to say no, so we went ahead and relocated, just about a mile from our former location, to 2360 Fairgrounds Road NE (its NOT that much further at all – and might even be a shorter drive for some folks since you can take 12th St to Union to Capitol (turn right) and avoid all the traffic on Commercial St!

Please come visit our new location – it’s much larger, there’s a WAITING ROOM and, well, we just miss you… :)